Corral the Clutter?  

Corral the Clutter is a business born from a love of all things bins, baskets and declutter. Corey is a mom of 6 and the wife to husband of 17 years. So with a family of 8 "stuff" is inevitable. keeping it all straightened up and tidy is a huge must.

It wasn't until our family was transitioning into a tiny living lifestyle that my skills needed to be top notch. Keeping all the Clutter Corraled and minimal was the main focus for keeping our (tiny) home comfortable. 

Since that transition and realizing how freeing it was to keep our Clutter Corraled and minimal, I realized that I want to help others do the same. 

I am so greatful that you stopped on by! I hope that I can help you out on your journey to a Clutter Corraled home. Feel free to reach out either through phone, email, or right here on the site.

   Thanks, Corey at Corral the Clutter

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